Thrace City

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Map of Thrace City

Thrace City is the seat of civilization on the stormy Isle of Thrace. Its inhabitants boast themselves to be a hardy breed due to the tempestuous environment the weather brings. Those who reside in Thrace welcome both the soothing rains and the booming thunder and lightning.

The continent is home to a booming economy, rich with a variety of precious wares. The scorpien city is rumored to be hidden away somewhere in the stormy isle, full of oddities. Those who avoid the merchant lifestyle hone their martial abilities and are divinely favored with long life. Many seek out the isle of Thrace as a home for those with a militant and disciplined lifestyle.


Emperor Rendel

Places of Note

The following places are also available via the travel command where noted.

Location Purpose Travel
Adventurers Guild Lounge Safe Logout, Training, Boards adv
Armory of Thrace Personal storage, RP storage armory
Center of Town cot
Chamber of Law Swear fealty, deposit resources, record surnames, voting
Council of Thrace Council meetings council
Eastvine Residential suburb eastgate
Ellamere Park In Eastvine - Fishing, relaxing
Emperor's Palace Residence of Emperor Rendel palace
Jumpin' Jehosephat's Java Junction Coffee, food j4
Jumpin' Jehosephat's Java Junction Joy Jam Game rooms
Justicars of Bilanx Justicar offices justicar
Merchant Stalls Player owned shops stalls
Pet Emporium Pet fish storage
Snip, Snap, and Chop Sell resources to tradesmen, learn resource skills, buy resources tools resource
STEA Offices Offices of the STEA stea
The Tacklebox In Eastvine - fishing supplies
The Tea Room In Eastvine - drinks
Thrace City Garbage Dump Trash anything garbage
Thrace City Morgue Revivification location cemetery, morgue
Thracian Express Mail post
Thracian Fortress Bank Personal banking, Bloodjewel storage bank
Trading Post Buy/sell items/loot trade
Vendeur des Vetements Vivants! Design/create/store clothing vvv