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These jewels must be found throughout the land. Bloodjewels are found in ten different degrees of quality.

Degree Quality
1 raw
2 rough
3 uncut
4 flawed
5 imperfect
6 polished
7 flawless
8 perfect
9 luminous
10 wondrous

Filling Gems

The blood of members of each guild has a different enhancing property when encrusted into a bloodjewel. Below is shown the type of blood produced from each guild.

Guild Bloodjewel type
Warrior bellicose
Alchemist catalytic
Psion cerebral
Cleric devout
Mage ensorcelled
Bard enthralling
Paladin / Templar fanatical
Necromancer necromantic
Rogue / Thief perfidious
Ranger savage
Tradesman mercantile

Adventurer Belts

Bloodjewels can be encrusted into an adventurer belt at Groknard (Sable) and Drankorg (Thrace).

Circlet Encrusting

Bloodjewels can be encrusted into circlets at Groknard (Sable) and Drankorg (Thrace).