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Introductory Information
  • Adventurer belts and Bloodjewels allow further customization of your character stats
  • Battle cards are a sort of meta-game within the game. Catch 'em all
  • Buffs, Debuffs, and Toggles to make your experience exciting or dangerous
  • Clans Join a clan and make great friends and enemies
  • Garbage Clean up the city streets for fun and profit
  • Lodges Join a lodge to learn new abilities
  • Quests Slay that dragon, or maybe save a family from a demon
  • Rebirth Reach level 20 and start all over again, but with bonuses
  • Religion With a diverse pantheon of deities, take on some righteous destiny
  • Remort from the adventuring life to a Tradesman
  • Resources spawn all over the place and have a multitude of uses
  • Tasks Repeatable mini-quests that are not necessarily story driven
  • Transmogrification of armor sets lets you express your character differently
Reward Systems
  • Daily bonus Stay logged in for an hour to earn one of three dominance-based rewards
  • Loyalty Stay logged in for an hour to earn a daily reward
  • MNF Every Monday night at 8 PM ET, get flagged for later buffs and rewards!
  • Slayterday Every Saturday from 7 AM - 2 AM ET, enjoy Double XP + Bonus World Drop chance ( get free items just by killing things! )
Advanced Information
  • GMCP Gain real-time information from the game and use it in your MUD client