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Throughout the cities of Sable City and Thrace City, the streets can become cluttered with refuse from daily life. As a result, piles begin to accumulate and adventurers inclined to keep the cities clean are invited to collect the garbage and return it to the city dumps.

This activity is newbie friendly and can easily net a newcomer significant sums of coins, not just from finding coins in these piles, but selling the random loot that is generated from them.

Garbage Collecting

Grab a UGA clean-up kit from the local city garbage dump in either Sable City (from COT - 4n, 6w, 2n, w) or Thrace City (from COT - 6s, 8e)

Find garbage piles within the city streets, and when you do, type cleanup <garbage> to clean it up. This may take a number of attempts to finally clean it up. As you do, the pile will grow smaller and its short description will update to reflect this.

If you cannot find any garbage piles, simply use the garbodetector command to get an idea of where to find a garbage pile within the city. The kit will work in both main cities but will only detect garbage in the city in which you presently find yourself.


The clean-up kit can be trashed in any pillar or trashed in any city garbage dump.


  1. Cleaning up garbage can be affected by your critical strike chance, resulting in faster elimination of garbage piles.
  2. If you are a member of the UGA, you should trash your kit in a garbage dump in order to gain credit for your work.