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Resources in ThresholdRPG are objects that spawn throughout the game. Most require a specific gathering skill and an appropriate gathering tool.

Resources have various uses including crafting and dominance. If you find yourself with resources you don't need or think might be of use to the tradesmen, you can sell them to Peeki in Sable or Foroni in Thrace. Resources sold to these two people go directly to the crafters' warehouse.

To make it quicker to identify resources that you can harvest, you can use the settings command to add color to resources in the wild.

All resource nodes in the game have an id of node. You can use that id when you are interacting with them in the game.

In order to gather a resource use the appropriate gathering tool. The order in which resource gathering searches for a gathering tool is as follows:

  1. Strapped to your adventurer belt
  2. Wielded in your primary hand
  3. Carried in your inventory

If your gathering tool is strapped in your belt, you do not need to unstrap it to use it.

Resource Classes


Herbs are the classification of different plants and flowers throughout the game. They are collected with gardening shears.


Lumber is the classification of resource that is gathered from chopping down trees. It is gathered with hatchets.


Ore is the classification of resource that is gathered from rocky outcropping. It is gathered with mining picks.


Skins is the classification of resource that is gathered from critters. They are gathered with skinning knives.

Other resources

There are other resources that fall outside of the main classes. These resources can appear on the ground or need another method to obtain them such as searching or via processing from gathering other resources.