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Council: Treslayn
Location: Sable City
Required Stats: None
Unallowed: None

Tradesmen is one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. The newest guild to be formed, the traders are an anomaly in that they are formed by non-adventurers. Preferring to craft pieces that are useful to other adventurers the tradesmen guild are merchants to the extreme. A trader can be recognized by their crest and recipe book.

Admission information

Members of the Tradesman Guild create trade products that the realm desires or requires, and thus, the economic health of the kingdoms and empires in the world often depends on the health of the guild. Crafting goods and selling the results of their craftsmanship are the primary activities of a tradesman.

Each tradesman picks a singular craft in which to excel be it weaponcrafting, armorsmithing, or jewelry crafting, and they craft from a list of guild recipes.

The Tradesman Guild is home to some of the finest artisans and merchants in the world. Those who wish to make an economic impact in the world or simply enjoy creating interesting items would feel right at home in this guild.

Traders, as they are often called, are not a combat class and as such, split their time between roleplaying and crafting.

This guild is available once you complete heritage, but there is another option available to people who desire to "retire" their character from the adventuring life. This process is referred to as remorting.

Available Trades

The following trades are presently available:

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