Settings command

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settings - List current settings

settings color <on/off> - Turn color on or off.

settings colors - Type this to customize colors for various things in the game (for example: modes of communication).

settings brief <on/off> - Toggle brief mode on/off.

settings divider <on/off> - Toggle room divider on/off.

settings mail <on/off> - Turn on/off your mail notification.

settings regen - Type this to customize notice messages you receive.

settings quiet <on/off> - Quiet mode. Blocks tells and tunes out of channels.

settings login pause <on/off> - Toggle [Press Enter to Continue] from login.

settings ooc - Change your OOC information settings.

settings page # - Sets your number of lines per screen page. (Default is 30 - For advanced users only!)

settings death spam - Type this to choose death announcements you hear.

settings combat spam - Type this to toggle combat spam of various types.

settings combat - Type this to see your current combat spam settings.

settings tells - List your tell settings.

settings tells help - List the syntax for changing your tell settings.

settings mobile <on/off> - Turns on/off mobile accessibility

settings blind <on/off> - Turns on/off blind accessibility

Special Note

Syntax in <brackets> are choices. Pick one and do not type the brackets. See also: accessibility

Help File

help settings