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A tell is a mental message sent to another living being. Due to the incredibly private nature of sharing thoughts with others, there are restrictions:

  • Tells can only be sent between people who are fully introduced (or famous).
  • If the tell you send is not received by your intended target, you will not receive any feedback informing you of this.
  • You cannot send tells to people in the same room.


tell <username> <message>

tell <username> <;emoted message>

tell <username> <;stock emote/feeling command>

Sample Usage

       > tell foo I love your new pants.   
       > "foo I love your new pants.       
       > tell foo ;loves your new pants.
       > "foo ;loves your new pants.

Special Note

When using the commands, do not type the brackets < >.

The settings command allows you to control a number of features that affect the tell command.

See also: reply, last, hegemon, introduce

Help File

help tell