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RP Note
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF ROLEPLAYING. Do not introduce to people unless you have a real and valid in character reason for doing so. If people do not introduce back to you or they leave while you are introducing to them, this probably means you were being rude. Introducing for no valid reason or without prior consent is harassment and you can be fined (or worse). Do not make very lame comments like "tell me your story" or "please tell me your story."

The introduction system in Threshold has two levels, depending on how well you know the person you've either just met, or have been talking with for a period of time. Each one has different benefits, and plays a vital role in driving roleplay in Threshold.

The first is to introduce casually. This is commonly used upon first meetings, or after a brief conversation. You exchange pleasantries with a person, and by using "introduce casually to <person>", you and the person share your names. You will now be able to recognize the person on sight by their name whenever you look either in a room, or at them.


introduce casually to <person>              introduce casually list
introduce to <person>                       introduce list

introduce forget <person>                   introduce forget all

After you have been chatting with a person for some time, and the two of you would like to get to know each other better, it's common practice for you and the person to go somewhere quiet to talk. By using the "introduce" command, you can share a part of your story with the person, and them in return. Doing so allows the two of you to share tells. A full intro is very draining. To simulate this, it costs 20 SP and leaves you with -21 EP. You must provide your own "introduction text". Thus, you must stick around and roleplay out the introduction (meaning you should be chatting with them). DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE!

OOC Messages

Sometimes you see someone's name even if you don't know them. (like enter/leave messages). There are very good reasons for these exceptions. Finding tricky ways around the introduce system is bug abuse.