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Channels, IC and OOC, are governed by an overarching set of rules. It is a good idea to be familiar with them.

Basic communication

say - use the say command to speak with others in the same room as you, you can say <message> to say something to everyone in the room, or even say to <name> <message> to say a message to a particular person in the room. The latter syntax works with both players and NPCs. The say command is In character.

rsay - use the rsay command to speak in your own racial language. Every race has a language and typically, only members of the same race can speak and understand this same language. The basic usage of it is similar to the say command, where you might rsay <message> or rsay to <name> <message>. The rsay command is In character.

tell - the tell command allows you speak to a person using a remote, private mental link. You can simply tell <name> <message> to send them a message, or tell <name> ;<emoted message> to emote to them remotely. The tell command is In character.

whisper - the whisper command allows you to speak to someone privately who is in the same room with you. You may whisper <name> <message> or whisper <name> ;<emoted message>. The whisper command is In character.

Global chat channels

Global chat channels come in both public and restricted varieties. They are global inasmuch as they are accessible nearly anywhere in the game. Some chat channels are In character, while others are Out of character. Never are they both, however.

These channels require you to be tuned in to speak on.


To speak on a channel, you simply type <channel name> <message>, for example heritage Hello!. You may also emote over a channel, using the ;, such heritage ;smile.

Assistance channels

Where to get help? The following channels are Out of character and are available to you depending on your level. You can also ask for help on the #question channel in our Discord.

Channel/command Description
heritage Useful for newcomers to ask questions or seek help. Available until guild level 10.
question Useful for anybody after guild level 10 to seek game-related assistance from their peers. Note that admin may or may not be listening or respond here.

In character channels

Channel/command Description
guild (special) Every guild has a channel on which you may speak with other members of your guild. The command to speak on it is the name of your guild.
party say When you are in a party, use this command to speak to the other members of your party. Does not work in cities.
threshold This channel is a global in character channel. Be careful not to spam it. 🤗

Out of character channels

Channel/command Description
sports This channel is for all sports-related discussions.
trivia This is a general purpose OOC channel. Absolutely NOTHING related to the game should be discussed here. IC topics are 100% forbidden.