Say command

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say <message>
say to <someone> <message>

This command allows you to communicate with players and NPCs in the same room as you. This command defaults to speaking in the common tongue. However, you can always, also, speak in your native racial tongue.

If you are invisible, other people cannot hear what you are saying. This command is globally aliased to the apostrophe (') character. All you have to type to speak is:


Also, if you will be chatting at length, you may wish to use chat mode.

Targeting Your Say

Sometimes, particularly in a crowded room, you want to be clear about who you are speaking to. In which case, you would type:

say to <person> <your message> 

and everyone in the room will see more clearly to whom you are speaking.


You can also use the settings command to change the color of people's say text.

Help File

help say