Rsay command

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Although the universal language in Threshold is Common, the community is a diverse mixture of numerous races of humanoids, each with their own racial language. This allows for an interesting element of RP and adds flavor to a multi-layered world.

With this command, you speak in your racial tongue. Since you are used to speaking in the common tongue, this language is a little more strenuous tospeak in, and thus it uses 1 sp (spell point) per statement.


rsay <message>

rsay to <name> <message>

rsay in <language> <message>

rsay to <name> in <language> <message>

Special Note

If you have learned to speak other languages (this is much more difficult than simply being able to understand a language), you may use the alternate syntax in order to speak in languages other than your own race language.

Help file

help rsay