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Help File:  help roleplaying     

Roleplaying is a crucial gameplay element in the game Threshold RPG. The fact that RP is required is one of the core elements of Threshold that sets it apart from other online games. it is very important that you read through all of the associated roleplaying help files.

  • help childbirth - Childbirth is not RPed on Threshold.
  • help clean slate - Characters do not possess knowledge of former characters.
  • help communication - Rules for communication.
  • help death - Death is a traumatic event with serious IC consequences.
  • help evil - Playing evil can be difficult, but very exciting and interesting.
  • help genderbending - Gender bending is allowed, but notice is required.
  • help harassment - Harassment of players or admins is unacceptable.
  • help hierarchy - Threshold is a hierarchal society.
  • help ic trouble - Most people get in trouble IC at some point. Handle it well!
  • help it says - Dealing with messages generated from the game
  • help keep it ic - IC events and situations should never be discussed OOC.
  • help learning from mistakes - This is always an important thing to do.
  • help npcs - NPCs should be treated like real, living beings in the world.
  • help other lands - In Character, there are no "other lands" besides Threshold.
  • help plot - Can you solve the current global mystery?
  • help respect - Have respect for other people you are playing with.
  • help roleplay - A very helpful command for RP.
  • help rp karma - A system for acknowledging good (and bad) role playing.
  • help rp rules - A few RP rules that do not EACH need their own file.
  • help rules - It is always good to read through ALL the rules.
  • help surnames - Read about this roleplay feature.
  • help tolerance - If someone makes a minor error, let it go.

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