Clean slate

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If you have played another character in the past, you cannot use knowledge from that character with your new one. You need to start with a clean slate as far as what you know about the politics of the land, history, etc. Your current character does not have a distant relative who seems to have told you all about history, politics, important personages, etc. Your current character needs to experience the world anew just like you did the first time. Doing otherwise not only robs you of a major element of character development, but it is highly unrealistic and makes you look like a real nincompoop to everyone else who interacts with you. The only exception to this is your knowledge of areas and quests as it pertains to help areas. Obviously, that is a rule about RL knowledge. You can freely join parties that are heading for areas or quests you already explored with previous characters. Of course, this also means that you cannot go to a quest or area you already solved/explored with someone who HASN'T explored/solved it simply because you are now playing a different character. In other words, your knowledge of areas and quests is treated as if you are playing the same character. If you are confused, read: help areas

See: Roleplaying

Help file: help clean slate