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Pregnancy and child birth are not supported features in Threshold and thus they should not be RPed. For all intents and purposes, your character cannot become pregnant, have a child, etc. This does not mean your character is sterile, it just means that for the purposes of Threshold you are not able to engage in pregnancy, child birth, or child raising RP.

To realistically RP this (the benefits as well as the detriments), there would need to be serious code support. Difficulties in movement, coordination, and even the possibility of permanent character death would need to be a part of the process.

To try and RP childbirth without all of these real consequences is very unfair and unrealistic. It is an attempt to get all the benefits and attention of pregnancy and childbirth without any of the logical risks that existed in a medieval society.

It is, however, possible when a registered citizen restarts or makes a 2nd character to be the child of existing character(s). This must be requested in the application for that new character. The new character will be an adult (or at least an older teen) when he or she comes into the game, so the parent(s) must be old enough for this to make sense.

ALSO: Roleplay, insults, or discussion of abortion and miscarriages are also off limits. This is mainly due to the fact that some people in the community have real life experience with these things that is quite traumatic.