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An NPC is a Non Player Character. It means that (generally) the character is not controlled by another player. There are examples of NPCs being played by players, though, the term still applies since it's not a player character in the general sense.

NPC Roles

There are many roles in the game that are filled by NPCs. Some of the more notable NPCs in the game are in the Category:Npcs.

  • Bartenders
  • Innkeepers
  • Vendors
  • NPCs who provide a service for players
  • Guild masters
  • Task masters
  • NPCs related to quests

Combat NPCs

Often called mobs (for mobiles) or monsters in other games, these are the NPCs you find out in the wild, dungeons, areas, that you defeat (or try to defeat) for experience, coin, and other loot rewards.

Player Controlled NPCs

There are some NPCs in the game who fill necessary roles and which have accounts into which approved players can log into in order to control them.

  • The Editor of the Sablean Times
  • The Judges

RP Staff

Nearly all NPCs are also controllable by Rp staff.