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Threshold RPG has a party system which allows characters to group together and explore the many different areas that Threshold has to offer.

Party Commands

For all Party Members

party say <message> - Party channel useable outside of cities.

party status - Status of group members.

party follow <on/off> - Toggle following the leader of your party.

party leave - Leave the party.

party fix - Use only when your party data is messed up.

party clear - Clear logs from parties you led.

party settings - Various special settings for the party.

Leader Only

party form <party name> - Form a party of optional name.

party name <name> - Change the name of the party.

party name remove - Remove the party name.

party invite <name> - Invite someone to join the party.

party leader <name> - Appoint someone as the new party leader.

party boot <name> - Boot someone from the party.

party disband - Disband the party.

Party Status Command

The party status screen provides helpful information to determine many things about the members of your party. An example of the screen is shown here:

 |                           Party led by Yourname                           |
 | Name             Guild        Health                 EP            Status |
 |                                                                           |
 | Yourname         ?????        Perfect Condition      Rested         Alert |
 |                                                                           |
 |Auto Split: Off   Auto Bury: Off    Burial Type: Neutral   Vulnerable: No  |

The status column lists various things like whether or not a member of the group is resting, studying, conjuring, maintaining their weapon, and various other tasks that might necessitate holding still until they are finished.

For fun, you can change the word you use to signify that you are "Alert" by using the party settings command.

Party Settings Command

For all Party Members

party settings alert <status> - Set your alert status indicator.

party settings status <on/off> - Toggle battle health status.

Leader Only

party settings autosplit <on/off> - Used with the loot command.

party settings autobury <on/off> - Used with the loot command.

party settings bury <good/neutral/evil> - Used with the loot command.

Party Rules

Partying does not just mean people that are actually in your party. Multiple parties of people working together to kill the same foes, etc. is considered one party for the purpose of the rules below. Adventuring with people but not forming a party just to get around these rules is cheating. Don't do it. You will wish you hadn't.

  1. There is no command or option to automatically split coins because it is great RP when (game) people steal from and cheat each other!
  2. Parties with large disparities in levels are more vulnerable to attack.
  3. Using someone low enough level to get equipment/treasure from NPCs you could not otherwise get loot from will be punished harshly.
  4. Beating a monster down to low health and letting someone else finish it off so they get the experience is cheating. This is commonly referred to by players as "Gushing."
  5. Any attempts to get creative with the party system to avoid game balance elements (things that affect encounter difficulty, loot drops, etc.) is cheating. Don't do this. Game balance is important.

Special Note

See also: Vulnerability, Loot, Raid

Help Files

  • help party
  • help party rules
  • help party status