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This page provides a brief list of a few areas on Threshold. The purpose of this entry is just to suggest a few places you might wish to begin exploring. There are TONS of areas and an entire world to explore on Threshold. This page ONLY demonstrates a few to get you started. Aside from this page, you should explore, explore, explore! Also, check out the Quests page and the Quest command to get more information on quest areas. Directions may not be exact so use them at your own RISK!

Starting level

Starting level is the level at which you should be able to reasonably begin adventuring in a given zone. If you are at the starting level, you should be prepared to test out the fights to gauge their difficulty. You will likely not be able to merely sweep an area at a fast pace. Take your time and appropriately engage in combat when you are ready.

If you are new to Threshold, please review Starting out for more information on preparedness and what to expect from combat, and other useful information.

Max level

While there are exceptions to the case, generally, if an area is listed below with a starting level, the max level for most/all monsters in that same zone are the starting level +3. So if the starting area is level 6, you will get rewards until and including level 9.

Newbie areas

Levels 1-4
Zone Starting


Region Directions from CoT

(if applicable)

Banyee Village 1 Thrace 9s, 3e, se, sw, 2e, 3s, w, 2s
Beleaguered farm 1 Sable 9s, 1w
Gingerbread Cottage 1 Sable 9n, 1e
K'Flerion 1 Sable 10s, 2e, 1s
Seedsom Plains 1 Thrace 7w, nw, sw, 8w, s, 2sw
Sunswift Plains 1 Sable 8e
Thracian South Meadow 1 Thrace 10s
Village of Kelnore 3 Sable 24e

Level Range: 5-7

Zone Starting Level Region General Location
Askren's Estate (path, yard, garden) 5 Sable South Sunswift Plains
Misty Thickets 5 Sable Four corners of the Sunswift Plains
Sable Sewers 5 Sable Sable City
Dark Thicket 6 Thrace North of Seedsom Plains
Unkempt farm 6 Sable North of Sable City
Copper mines 7 Sable Sunswift Plains
Lower swamp 7 Sable North of Sable City

Level Range: 8-13

Zone Starting Level Region General Location
Sable Sewers - Second Level 8 Sable Sable City
Thrace Sewers 8 Thrace Thrace City
Sable Beach 9 Sable Near the Sable Lighthouse
Isle of Eros - Beach 9 Akanee Docks near the Sable Lighthouse and Banyee
Isle of Eros - Rainforest 11 Akanee Docks near the Sable Lighthouse and Banyee
Ironwood Forest 11 Sable South of Sable City
Dirty Tunnel System 12 Thrace Entrances hidden throughout the Isle of Thrace

Level Range: 14-19

Zone Starting Level Region General Location
Upper Swamp 14 Sable North of Sable City