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Welcome new adventurer! The goal of this file is to provide some helpful insight into some of the aspects of adventuring in ThresholdRPG.

Glindal the Pixie Advisor

When you enter the game, you will have received an object called Glindal the Pixie Advisor. This object represents your status as a newbie within Threshold.

While you possess Glindal, you will not lose anything in your inventory, be it from death or from logging out. When you re-enter the game or resurrect from death, your belongings will be returned to you. Additionally, you will suffer no death consequences while you possess Glindal.

Glindal will remain with you until you are level 5/5, at which point, you are subject to the same gear loss, death consequences, coin loss as everybody else in the game. Threshold is not a persistent game, and items can easily be lost. Please see Quit for more information.

Glindal also possesses a lot of information that is helpful to you. To access that information, simply type invoke glindal.


Note that item restoration does not persist over game reboots, which happen every other month or so.


You gain experience points and coins by adventuring. You can visit any of the areas listed as starting level 1. All directions listed in the linked article are from the Center of Town of the region the area is in.

It is worth noting that not all foes in a given area are the same level. This means that if you are in a level 1 zone, some of the foes will be level 1, but others may be level 2 or 3. The difficulty will increase with the foe's level, but also will the rewards.

Explore, of course, but be wary.


Combat for a newcomer is pretty straightforward. You attack your foe and use your newbie spell until either you or your foe is dead. Once you join a guild you will have access to other abilities. As mentioned above, you should be wary of what you are fighting. Use the xa command frequently to determine your foe's condition as you progress through the fight. If you find that you are not really doing a lot of damage, your foe may simply be too strong for you. You should probably either eat food to heal up and keep trying or just run away. A lot of newcomers die frequently by not making use of these three very key things: xa, newbie and running away. You shouldn't have to eat a lot of food when you're just starting out. If you find that you are, then you should probably wait until you level a bit before returning to that kind of foe again.

Threshold also supplies an unofficial Mudlet gui. If you are using Mudlet, you can install the UI, which is admittedly very basic, but will certainly provide better visualisation of your health and status.

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Food is a MAJOR part of regular adventuring life. Most people buy their food at taverns, but a newcomer has the distinct advantage of being readily able to find free food all over the place. The farm has vegetables that litter the the ground while the gingerbread farm has fruit trees where you can pick fruit.

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Make sure you're geared up before starting the killing! Wield your weapon, equip your armor. If you don't have any, you can find some in the newbie academy to the west of the Map Machine by typing suit up. Also, adventurers regularly throw things into the heritage rooms, so check there if you've recently died and it's too soon to suit up.

Gear protip

When you join a guild, ask your guild if they can help you find a tradesman who can help you get equipment. Many tradesman will offer their services free for newcomers. It's best to work through someone in your guild, if you don't feel comfortable seeking out a tradesman on your own.

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As always, the STEA is there to help and guide you through any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask on the heritage channel for assistance or visit the STEA offices by going up from the Map machine in the Adventurers Guild and typing help me.

Good luck!!