Heritage channel

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The heritage channel is the primary method of newcomers to obtain assistance. This channel is available even during creation. You access it via the heritage command.


heritage I'm new, but I love Threshold!

Members of the STEA as well as admins, newbie helpers, and justicars have access to the heritage channel to provide advice, guidance, and help to a newcomer as he acclimates to the game. If you are not one of the aforementioned, you will lose access to the heritage channel when you gain player level 10. To add insult to the injury of dying, if you die below level 10, you will regain access to the heritage channel.

Be mindful, however, that this is a help line and not a chatty chat channel. If you want to just talk out of character about non-game-related topics, you can tune into the trivia channel and gossip away.