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The Social Tourism and Entertainment Authority (STEA) works to make the lives of everyone happy and interesting! They ensure that all visitors or new residents understand the laws of the land and how everything works. They give tours of Sable City and Thrace City. They organize social events, parties, sporting events, and the like. In general, they work to provide entertaining diversions to all citizens of the Sable Kingdom and Thracian Empire!

An STEA employee is generally there to welcome newcomers to the game, answer questions for newcomers, and be that guide for them. This is a valuable position to all players of the game not to mention the administration, the latter regarding the STEA as one of the keystones of the game and are greatly appreciative of their volunteer work.


The STEA offices can be found each in Sable and in Thrace. In Sable, the STEA office is located 1 west, 1 north, and 1 up from the center of town. In Thrace, the office is located 3 north, 3 west, north, and up from the center of town.

At each office, players can type help me to get their attention for either assistance or to announce events to the realm.

Booking Events

You can have the STEA announce events for you by ringing their bell in their office.