Newbie academy

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When you enter the game, you land in the Adventurers Guild of Sable City. You may be directed by someone on the heritage channel to visit the Newbie Academy as part of their welcome message.

Entering the Newbie Academy

The Newbie Academy is directly west of the Map Machine.

Gearing up!

You can gear up in the newbie academy by typing suit up in the main entry hall. This gear is incredibly basic, but in all honesty, newbie gear in general is rather basic. But, it's better than nothing! Suiting up has a cooldown of 30 minutes.

Newbie Post Office

There is also a Post office in the newbie academy where you can send/receive mudmail.


There is a tutorial in the Newbie Academy which will help you learn about the features of the game such as how to interact with your environment as well as basic combat. You will want to have suited up for this! To begin the tutorial, type enroll in the main entry hall. You can dropout anywhere during the tutorial if you are confused or are finding it too difficult.

The tutorial is not mandatory in any way and there is no shame in not completing it or dropping out. You are always welcome to ask for help on the heritage channel.