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Combat is a significant part of every adventurer's life. Questing, fighting, and just exploring the land will result in your character engaging in many life threatening combats. The focus of Threshold however is NOT on combat. The focus here is on role playing, and as such you can advance, gain wealth, and become famous through a variety of non combat means.

The Basics of Combat

Combat makes use of a wide variety of skills (help skills) and many other factors (weapons, armor, gear enhancements, etc). Your weaponry and armor will be vital to your survival.

The basic way to enter combat is via the attack command. You can also initiate combat via guild abilities/spells/skills, or even a special spell for newbies. Some foes will attack you on sight so beware. If you are successful, your foe might have some goodies for you. Look at or bury its corpse (or any other remains) and see what you've won!

Getting more advanced

Things get more complicated as you get advance in levels. Spells and special abilities have timers, casting times, delays, varying SP costs, etc. There are also magic items that you can bring to play in combat, and much, much more.

Once you have joined a guild, you will have learned enough about battle to try different "combat styles styles" of fighting. Your style can have a very significant effect on how you fight, the least of which is how offensive vs. defensive you are in combat. Some guilds have abilities that allow unique fighting styles, and there are magic items that provide unique combat styles as well. With the exception of the basic styles, you generally have to find someone to teach you a new fighting style, so explore! Keep in mind your foes can also change their combat style, so you might need to react accordingly depending on the foe.

Combat is a tiring endeavor, and depending on your style, each round of combat will drain some of your endurance points. If your endurance points become negative, you will not be able to fight back or flee (but you can still use guild abilities). Keep this in mind lest tragedy befall you.

There is also a chance every round that you might land a critical hit. Critical hits are generally a particularly potent strike to a specific area on your foe. They can have some very unique effects. Some weapons have magic or special powers that only kick in when you make a critical hit.