Combat styles

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Combat styles have an important and vital affect on combat. Not only do they determine how tiring each round of combat is, they also determine your chance of critical hits/misses, as well as what kind of effect such criticals will take. Your level of mastery of a combat style increases through use. You start out knowing normal, offensive, and defensive. You can learn more advanced and effective fighting styles from masters you will encounter in your explorations of the land of Threshold.

Style EP Cost Description
Normal 6 The normal combat style is the default. When you login, you are automatically placed in this mode. In fact, it is the only mode you are able to use until you reach player level 4 (after heritage). It is the least tiring mode of combat styles
Offensive 10 The offensive combat style is a mode which procs periodically delivering extra damage to your foe
Defensive 10 The defensive combat style is a mode which procs periodic stuns on your foe. These stuns endure for two seconds, or one combat round; although, sometimes it can last for four seconds.

Advanced Combat Styles

Some guilds offer more advanced combat skills than which are listed here and work to great effect.

Style Ranks

The following table depicts the rank progression of combat styles. With the exception of normal, which is determined by your Player level, all combat styles are leveled up through use. You can never train a combat skill higher than your rank in normal, though you can lose rank in normal by dying and still maintain your rank in other combat styles.

Style Rank
Grand Master
Grand Champion
Supreme Warlord

Switching Styles

You can switch styles by simply typing style <name>, replacing <name> with the name of the style you wish to use. Whenever you wield or unwield your weapon, you automatically switch to normal combat style.