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Skills are trainable attributes of a character which are the major factor in determining things like ability duration, damage, etc. Your prowess in certain skills will contribute heavily toward whether you successfully hit or miss your targets as well.

Training Skills

Your skills may never be more than twice your player level and they cost both coin and expertise at your guild trainer or the East Vestry in your temple if you are a paladin.

The exceptions to training skills are resource gathering skills, which are trained through usage. They are still capped the same as other skills.

Combat Skills

All characters possess the following combat skills, which determine a variety of effects including the success of hitting your foe. Most players train the majority of these skills.

  • adventuring
  • attack
  • defense
  • blunt weapons
  • flexible weapons
  • cutting weapons
  • missile weapons
  • offhand weapons
  • thrusting weapons

Specialty Skills

There are two skills that could be considered specialty skills as they are used in different mechanics in the game.


This skill serves a very basic function. If you have a skill greater than 0 in swimming, you will not drown while in water. Not having any skill in swimming will cause you to take damage while in water rooms and ultimately die if you don't find a way to exit.


The riding skill is used when on mounts. The higher the skill, the less likely you will be thrown from your mount if it gets attacked and also the higher the skill means that you will be adept enough at evading damage while mounted.

Resource Gathering Skills

Learned at Peeki (Sable) or Foroni (Thrace), characters require this in order to be able to gather resources from the world.

The following resource gathering skills are available:

  • Furrier
  • Herbalist
  • Lumberjack
  • Miner

Guild Skills

In addition to the general and specialized skills above, every guild also has their own set of skills that are trainable which impact everything from ability duration, ability cooldowns, and ability effect.

Spell Skills

Spell skills are also guild skills and only differ semantically from physical skills, being used in the exact same way. The difference is only for roleplay purpose and if it helps, it may be easier to think of them as spell schools, disciplines, or spheres in other games.