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Expertise points are the currency by which a player skills and spell skills are trained. These points are gained through the normal means which a player gains xp (kills, rewards, etc) depending on his current xp/expertise split. Using the xp command, a player decides the split of xp/expertise they receive. Players have full control over how much xp gets translated to expertise.


A sample usage of the XP command is:

xp split 90

This allocates 90% of the incoming xp to regular xp and the remaining 10% to expertise. You may specify any xp split from 0 to 100.

Special Note

Expertise points benefit from two levels of protection:

  1. Only POSITIVE xp gains translate to expertise
  2. Expertise saves over death.

You can see your current xp, expertise and xp/expertise split by using the XP command.

Currently fame and registration bonuses are not affected by your xp split.

Help File

help expertise