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Fame is a concept that was designed to reward roleplaying and simulate the fact that citizens grow in power and influence over time. As you spend more time actively logged on, you will become more famous. Periodically, you will receive experience point rewards for this online time as a result of your "growing fame." However, when you advance a player/guild level, you LOSE some accrued time towards your next "Fame reward". This means the more often you advance levels, the less often you will receive a fame reward. This is because fame was designed to help people who spend a good deal of their time logged on roleplaying, and was not intended to serve as a double experience point reward for those who spend a great deal of their time fighting.

Your fame counter can be automatically turned off for various reasons (like when you begin resting). It is automatically turned ON every time you login to Threshold. your accrued fame time will be checked when your fame counter is turned off, at login, and at logout. If you are due a fame bonus at such a time, it will be granted and announced to you.

Proper usage of this command is as follows:

fame - check your fame information

fame on - enable the fame counter

fame off - turn off the fame counter (for example, when you are idling you should turn the counter off so you will not be abusing the fame system)