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This simple command will tell you your current total experience points, as well as any locked xp you might have. You can also use this command to transfer locked xp to regular, spendable xp. In addition, you may alter your current XP/Expertise split. The number specified will be the percentage of gained experience points which is retained, while the difference is added to your expertise total. See help expertise for more information.


xp - Check your current xp (and locked xp if you have any)

xp unlock <#> - Transfer some locked xp to your current xp.

xp split - See your current XP/Expertise split

xp split <#> - Set your XP/Expertise split

Special Note

There is a 20 second timer between uses. If you type it during this 20 second timer, the timer resets. This timer is part of an ongoing effort to remove "habitual typing", where players spam information commands for no real reason but simply out of habit. This is a waste of system resources and bandwidth, and is discouraged in Threshold RPG.

See also: Locked XP, Expertise

Help File

help xp