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There are post offices in the major cities where you can send mail to fellow mortals within the realm.


Newcomer Academy Post Office

There is a special post office located in the Newbie academy for use of those able to enter the academy.

From the Adventurers Guild of Sable City: 1w, 1s.

Sable City Postal Bureau

From the Center Square of Sable City: 4e, 1n, 1e From the Adventurers Guild: 1s, 5e, 1n, 1e

Thrace City Postal Bureau

From the Center Square of Thrace City: 1n, 2w, open door, 1n From the Lobby of the Adventurers Guild: 2e, open door, 1s, 2e, open door, 1n

Post Office Commands

mail - brings the user into the mail system

read - this command will give directions

mail <username> - send mail to another character

mail <groupname> - send mail to an entire group (see below for active groups)

package - check to see if there are any packages

Mail System Example

 Threshold Mail System (Type: ?  for help) 
    3 Foo                            (Wed Oct  7) Test mail #3
    2 Foo                            (Mon Sep 28) Test mail #2
    1 Foo                            (Wed Sep 23) Test mail
 [MAIL] [3 of 3]

Mail System Commands

For all commands, do not type the brackets < >.

n, +, <CR> - Read the next note. <CR> means hitting the enter key.

<#> - Read the specified letter #

p, - - Read the current note.

m <user> - Send a letter to user

R <#> - Reply to letter, including all CC'ed users.

r <#> - Reply only to sender of the letter

d <#> - Delete current letter or letter <#>.

u <#> - Undelete current letter or letter <#>.

# <#> - Set current letter #

h <#> - List letter headers starting at <#>. (Default is 1st).

g - List groups, clans, organizations, etc. you can mail to

f <#> <user> - Forward a copy of letter # to <user>

q, x - Quit the mailer. (All deleted mail will be removed)

Q - Quit the mailer without changes.

$ - Check for new mail that arrived while you were in the mailer