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Critter is the term applied to beasts and animals throughout the realm of Threshold from which skinners obtain hides and leather for use in crafting or tributing. Critters are typically much weaker than the other monsters or beings in the area where they are found.

Critters exist for the sole purpose of skinning, as such they provide very little in the way of challenge, nor do they offer much in terms of experience reward and definitely do not reward coin.

The developers of Threshold opted to go with a critter system instead of the existing animals in Threshold because it would be nearly impossible to balance areas and their beasts to match the requirements of the trade system, plus the critter system allows members of the Tradesman guild to at least have a chance of finding some of their more basic skinning materials as they can with other resource gathering skills.

Special Note

You will be able to tell the difference between a regular beast and a critter.

  He is a critter.
  He is a male mammal.
  He is in Perfect Condition.

See also: resources, skins

Help File

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