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Rebirth is the process by which a character starts over again at level 5 and guild level 5.

Warning: Becoming reborn is irreversible and cannot be reverted.


  • Your character must be in a valid guild and be able to visit your guild trainer, or the East Vestry of your temple if you are a paladin.
  • Your character must be player level 20 or above and guild level 20 or above.
  • You must possess 100,000 coins in your bank balance which will be deducted for this process.



  • 3% reduction in XP requirement for player and guild leveling per rebirth.
  • 2% reduction in coin requirement for guild leveling per rebirth (until guild level 15).

Skill training

  • 2% reduction in Expertise requirement for skill training per rebirth.
  • 2% reduction in coin requirement for skill training per rebirth.


  • +1 Luck stat per rebirth.


Vitals bonuses are not multiplied by each rebirth. Each rebirth you start back at the normal vitals for your race/guild, and then receive these bonuses as you level up

  • +5 hit points at rebirth, +1 hit point gained per guild level at rebirth every even level (after level 5).
  • +5 spell points at rebirth, +1 spell point gained per guild level at rebirth and every odd level (after level 5).


  • Gain access to a (Reborn) pretitle.
  • Gain access to special reborn abilities (to come).
  • Gain access to special reborn emotes (to come).
  • Gain 2s in gathering time speed per rebirth to a maximum of 10s.
  • 2% reduction in Kingdom Allegiance costs to lodge level advancement per rebirth.
  • 2% reduction in Adventurer Belt upgrade costs per rebirth (maximum 10%)
  • +2 per rebirth (max 20%) chance of improving combat and crafting style progress per critical effect. Additionally, increased percentage of style progress gained per critical effect up to 10th rebirth.


  • Combat and crafting styles that are learned and above your new guild level will be removed. Those which are available at your rebirth level are reset to Initiate. With the exception of the Normal style, the rank of which is related to your level, which will be reset to Amateur.
  • Skills and spells will be reset to 10 (guild level 5 * 2) unless those skills are already below 10, in which case they will remain as-is. The riding skill and gathering skills will not be affected.
  • Skill mastery will be reset to Novice for all skills.
  • Quests completed will be reset with the exception of the Appease the Aether quest.
  • Your bank balance will be reset to 10,000 coins, unless after paying for the rebirth your bank balance is below 10,000 coins, in which case the bank balance will not be affected. (see help level for wealth rules)
  • Stored XP will be reset to 0.
  • Adventurer belts will be reset to belt level 1. Bloodshards will not be affected.
  • Bonus stat points trained at the guild trainer are reset and can be retrained as you advance in guild level.


  • If you were a famous hegemon, you will still be a famous hegemon.
  • Nothing about your lodge information will be altered.
  • Nothing about your clan information will be altered.
  • Nothing about your religion information will be altered.
  • Nothing about your guild information will be altered. Your guild age will be preserved such that you will still be ranked according to your time spent in the guild. You will still hold any position within your guild that you held previously. If you are in a guild that must learn spells/abilities by discovering them or research, you will not forget those spells/abilities.
  • Nothing about your bloodoath will be altered.
  • Nothing about your marriage will be altered.
  • Milestones are not reset.

Autoload Weapon

  •     Since autoload weapons scale to level, you will be able to keep your autoload weapon upon rebirth.