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The Lodges of Primordiax number three in total and each are devoted to a specific ideology that governs the nature of their special abilities. The three lodges are

Joining a Lodge

Joining a lodge is available once you reach level 5/5. You must be 5/5 or higher. You may not be 4/5 or 5/4. Each level, player and guild, must be 5 or higher. Seek out the Lodge you desire to join and sign up! There are no dues and probably no secret handshake. But if there were, it wouldn't be a secret if we were to put it here 😉


When you join a lodge, you are lodge level 1. The currency for advancing your your lodge level is Kingdom Allegiance (KA). KA is rewarded by donating natural resources and task vouchers, themselves rewarded by completing city tasks, to the city to which you have sworn fealty. Using the lodge command, you can see how much KA you have as well as how much you need in order to advance to a new Lodge Level.

Lodge Points

When you join a lodge, you are granted 1 lodge point. Lodge points can be used to learn a new ability or improve an ability you have already learned. As you improve abilities, they benefit from increased functionality, power, shorter cooldowns, the specifics of which are detailed in the abilities' help files. Lodge points are gained every lodge level, so if you are Lodge Level 5, you will have accrued 5 points. Every odd lodge level (1, 3, 5, etc) you have an opportunity to spend your new lodge point by learning a new ability. What this means is that while you gain a lodge point every level, you may only learn new abilities once every 2 levels. The number of points invested in a lodge ability, and therefore its power, is shown when you use the lodge command.


Each lodge has a cartouche which they can power up by submitting completed city tasks to city task masters. It will require a number of completed tasks for a cartouche to reach its zenith of power. A cartouche which has reached its zenith empowers the lodge by effectively increasing all abilities as if the lodge members had +1 point invested in that ability. Cartouches reset at 6AM ET.


Some lodge powers offer new options depending upon your lodge level. It should be said that cartouche zenith does not allow you to be able to use more advanced versions of an ability, rather, you are simply more effective/powerful/etc with that ability.

Leaving a Lodge

You are, of course, not forced to remain with your lodge. However, should you choose to depart, the following effects will be applied:

  • You will lose all the abilities you learned while in the lodge.
  • Your lodge points bought via registration will be preserved.
  • You will lose your stat benefits from the lodge you've left.
  • You may not join any Lodge for one real life week.