MUD clients

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A MUD Client is a program you download to play Threshold. There are MUD clients for PC/Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

If you want to jump right in to playing Threshold without downloading anything, you can use our web client right in your web browser by visiting

Most Popular MUD Client

You can see some common configuration settings by visiting the Mudlet article and install the Mudlet gui.

Client Platform License Website
Mudlet Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook Free

Server Information

To connect with a MUD client, you will require the connection information listed below.

Server Name IP Address Port 3333

Most Popular Mobile Clients

Threshold is playable on mobile devices as well!

Client Platform License Website
Blowtorch Android Free
Mudrammer iOS Free
DuckClient Chrome (Chromebook) Free

Other MUD Client Options

Client Platform License Website
BeipMU Windows Free Windows Store
MUSHclient Windows Free
CMUD Windows Free/Shareware
TinTin++ Linux Free
WinTin++ Windows Free
Savitar Mac Shareware
Atlantis Mac Free
Gypsum Mac, Linux Free
Mukluk Android Free
Pocketmud PRO iOS Not Free