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Connecting to Threshold

In MUSHclient, connections to games are called Worlds. To create a new world in MUSHclient to connect to ThresholdRPG, follow these steps:

  1. Open MUSHclient
  2. Click File > New World ...
  3. Complete the following fields
    1. World Name: Threshold
    2. TCIP/IP Address:
    3. Port Number: 3333
  4. Clicking OK will open your new connection in a new window. Click File > Save World Details to save the World file somewhere on your computer.


If you make changes to your world configuration while you have Threshold connected and then close it, you will be prompted to save your world, so, you could optionally check the box Save World Automatically On Close to have it save without prompting.


MUSHclient has a Keepalive option you can set that is not available in the GUI. This will cause the connection to the MUD to have the "keep_alive" option set, which will hopefully stop you being disconnected for inactivity by some routers.

  • Hit Ctrl+I to open the Immediate window
  • Paste in check (SetOption ("send_keep_alives", 1))
  • Click on Run
  • Click on Close
  • Save your world file

The option should now be set. It only takes effect next time you connect (so if you were connected at this moment nothing will happen yet). Make sure you save the world file.

A way to check if your settings change was made is

  • Hit Ctrl+I to open the immediate window
  • Paste in print ("keep alives =", GetOption ("send_keep_alives"))
  • Click on Run
  • In your output area, you should see keep alives = 1
  • Click on Close