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BeipMU a feature rich client which can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Some of its defaults are different to expected from other clients. Recommend, though optional configuration elements are shown in this article.

Support for BeipMU can be found on the BeipMU Discord server. Discord.png

Server Configuration

Accessed via the Worlds icon (BeipMU Globe.png) or via Connection > Connect menu.

Option Value Description
Name ThresholdRPG Identity of the game name
Host Server address and port
Text Encoding UTF8 - Unicode Threshold supports UTF-8 text encoding
Enable MCMP Allows sound support from Threshold

Character Configuration

Create Character

Accessed via the Worlds icon (BeipMU Globe.png) or via Connection > Connect menu.

Once you have added the server, you need to add a character profile(s) in order for BeipMU to save your configuration settings (output/input window fonts and many of the options recommendations provided below). This is done by selecting New... > Character at the bottom of the Connect menu.


You can set BeipMU to log your character in automatically by using the Connect String feature in the character configuration screen.

DO NOT simply put your character name and password on separate lines, this will break your GMCP and prevent certain elements of this functioning for you. Instead, you need to prepend your character name and your password with a delay so that BeipMU and Threshold have a chance to negotiate about GMCP first. To do that, use the following example, substituting your character name and password.

/delay .5s charactername
/delay .6s password

NB: Remember that while it is OK to put in credentials for auto-logging into Threshold, it is NOT OK to auto-reconnect and auto-login.

Keyboard shortcuts

BeipMU's default keyboard shortcuts are different to how you may expect if you are coming from another client.

Accessed via Options > Keyboard Shortcuts... menu.

Action Key Description
Convert Returns to %R Click: Clear Clear this to support Send the last line in the history (below)
Input History Window - Move selection down Click: Press Key...

Press: Down arrow

Down arrow will navigate forwards in your input history
Input History Window - Move selection up Click: Press Key...

Press: Up arrow

Up arrow will now navigate backwards in your input history
Input Window - Move cursor down Click: Clear Cleared to support Input History Window - Move selection down above
Input Window - Move cursor up Click: Clear Cleared to support Input History Window - Move selection up above
Send the last line in the history Click: Press Key...

Press: Ctrl-R

You can now resend the last input to the game


Accessed via View menu.

Option Value Description
Show Input History Window By default, there is a separate text box just for input history. Disable this if you want to update your keyboard shortcuts.
Local Echo ✔️ By default, BeipMU does not display the text you have typed. Enable this here.
Local Echo Color... Change the colour of your local echo.

Output Window Settings

Accessed via View > Output Window Settings... menu.

Option Value Description
Smooth Scrolling By default, BeipMu is enabled for smooth scrolling up on new text. This is where you turn that off.

Global Preferences

Accessed via Options > Preferences... menu.

Option Value Description
New content markers in text windows BeipMU displays a red line whenever you return to your character and new activity has happened.
Show image viewer automatically BeipMU has an image pane that will show up as soon as it detects an image url.
Show images inline BeipMU has an image and YouTube video previewer that can be jarring to see in your text pane.

Ansi Colors

Accessed via Options > Ansi Colors... menu.

Option Value Description
Parse blinking ✔/❌ Threshold can send blinking text.
Enable beep ✔/❌ Threshold can send audio beeps to your computer on special events. (flagging, idling out, etc)
Prevent Invisible Text Sometimes Threshold will send text with the same foreground and background colors. This is by design. Disable this to prevent strange coloring.

Input Window Settings

Accessed via Options > Input Window Settings... menu.

Option Value Description
Don't clear input on enter Unchecking this will clear the input bar after you hit enter