Circlet encrusting

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There are certain types of magical circlets and coronets that can be encrusted with a single bloodjewel. Once encrusted, the circlet or coronet then provides partial damage resistance depending upon the imbue level of the bloodjewel.

Type of Jewel Resistances
Bellicose Cutting
Catalytic Water
Cerebral Air
Devout Blunt, Flexible
Ensorcelled Fire
Enthralling Air
Fanatical Fire
Mercantile Void
Necromantic Earth
Perfidious Water
Savage Thrusting, Missile


Bloodjewels can be encrusted into an circlet at Groknard (Sable) and Drankorg (Thrace) for a cost of 5 orb coins. Ask them about circlets.

Special Note

Encrusted Circlets and Coronets are RP Storeable.