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This command asks an NPC about something. It is a great way to get information from NPCs. In addition, you sometimes have to talk with NPCs via says, tells, whispers, etc. as you would with a player.


ask <npc or object> about <subject>


ask <npc> about job

ask <npc> about life

ask <npc> about (anything special in the room, area, or NPC's description)

ask <npc> about skill ranks or spell ranks


For common subjects, you can customize what you say when you ask. Currently, you can customize asking about "job" and "life". The syntax for this is:

ask settings <type> <text>

You do not type the <brackets>. <type> is the subject and <text> is what you will actually say to the NPC when you ask about that subject. To erase your current setting, simply use "clear" (without quotes) as the text.

Alternate Usage

ask <npc or object>: <subject>

This syntax is used when you need to ask a question in a conversational manner rather than asking an npc about a specific subject.

Help File

help ask