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There are two types of storage facilities in Threshold:

Armory: Storage for weapons and armor.

RP Storage: Storage for clothing, role play oriented items, or other items specially flagged to be RP Storeable. In character this is called "Reserved Property."

There is a storage facility located in every major city. Each facility has at least two rooms. One for Armory storage and one for RP Storage.

Sablean Storage Facility

From the Center of Town (CoT): 1 west, 1 north, 2 east.
Sable Adventurers Guild: 2 east

Thracian Storage Facility

From the Center of Town (CoT): 4 east, 1 north

Androctan Storage Facility

From the Obsidian Obelisk: 2s, se, sw, s, 4w, n, w, u