Adventurer belt

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Adventurer Belts are both a symbol of accomplishment and a major area of character development. Player characters (PC) are awarded belts from duly empowered NPCs in the Adventurers Guilds in the realm. Not only do these belts hold potions for easy use and storage (belts store potions over logouts and reboots as well) but they can be encrusted with special jewels to provide very significant boosts to the PC. Items placed within the adventurer belt are not retrievable. They can be removed to make room for other items (gems, potions), but those items which are removed are lost.

Only special gems called bloodjewels can be encrusted into an Adventurer Belt.

Belt Level

The belt you qualify for is a factor of your guild level plus or minus any special RP bonuses you have earned. For example, if you have earned a +1 belt bonus for RP reasons, your guild level will be treated as if it were one higher for purposes of which belt you qualify. All of this does not come without a cost. The Adventurers Guilds require a donation whenever they award you a new belt or encrust gems for you. Higher belts can hold more potions, can be encrusted with more gems, and can contain the enchantment of more powerful gems. See Upgrading Belts below.

Belt Level Cost Guild Level Belt Name Belt Pouches Max # Gems Max Imbue Lvl/Gem
1 500 1 - 4 Heritage Belt 1 2 1
2 5,000 5 - 8 Adventurer's Belt 2 2 2
3 25,000 9 - 12 Explorer's Belt 3 4 3
4 50,000 13 - 16 Belt of the Traveler 4 4 4
5 100,000 17 - 20 Champion's Belt 5 6 5
6 150,000 21 - 24 Belt of Hegemony 6 6 6
7 200,000 25 - 28 Conqueror's Belt 7 8 7
8 500,000 29 - 32 Vanquisher's Belt 8 8 8
9 1,000,000 33 - 36 Titan's Belt 9 9 9
10 2,000,000 37+ Celestial Belt 10 9 10

Special Belt Names

The level 1 is named after your heritage (example: Nomad Belt).

Gem Bonuses

You can see the varied effects drawing blood from different guilds can apply by visiting the Gem bonuses page.


It is acceptable to ask people what Adventurer Belt they have earned and use this information as a rough guideline for who you should be adventuring with. Do not overdo this, however, please! When someone looks at your character, they will see your Adventurer Belt as if it were any other piece of worn equipment. That is, unless, you opt to hide it via the belt command.

You can also dye it according to your personal preference.

Upgrading Belts

You can upgrade your belt by asking Drankorg or Groknard about belts as normal, however, the following conditions apply:

  1. You WILL NOT lose any potions, encrusted bloodjewels, or encrusted bloodshards when you upgrade.
  2. You cannot skip belt levels. For example, if you have a Heritage Belt and wish to upgrade to the Champion's belt, you will need to also upgrade through Adventurer's Belt, Explorer's Belt and the Belt of the Traveler before you will be eligible for the Champion's Belt.