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Scorpien is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

Though denied by Scorpiens, it is generally accepted that their race was the result of the experimentation of a guild of mages and alchemists from an ancient civilization that once ruled somewhere on the continent of Sable. Old texts have hinted at their creation as the result of this guild's desire to create a super army of extremely puissant beings. They combined normal humans (Homo Sapiens) with desert scorpions to produce this mixed breed known today as Scorpiens.

Scorpiens possess a thick, chitinous carapace that serves as excellent body armor that increases in strength as they advance. Due to the intervention of the gods in the year 487, scorpien physiology was modified to allow wearing suit armor, which still contributes to a scorpien's natural defenses, coupled with external armor.

They also have a long, powerful tail that ends in a sharp hook which they use to strike painful blows upon enemies while in battle. Sadly, the poison of the desert scorpion did not survive the union with Homo Sapiens. Most likely, it had to be removed in order to allow the human portion to survive.

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