Travel command

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The travel command is provided as a registration benefit.


travel <location>
travel tavern
travel j4
travel sable
travel thrace

This command allows you to travel between common destinations without having to type in all the directions. The command plots your path and you quickly travel to your desired location.

Travelling to the Green Griffon or the J4 is especially simple. Unlike the other locations (type travel list to see the list of common locations), you can travel to the Green Griffon Tavern or J4 from *any* city street or from any of the common locations. In other words, a good drink is "always just around the corner!" *grin*

For the other locations, you can travel to them only if you are currently standing in one of the other common locations. Your path will always be routed through the Center of Town. The only exception to this is travel to the Green Griffon Tavern or the J4 which always plots a more direct route.

Help File

help travel