Green Griffon Tavern

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The Green Griffon Tavern is the most popular tavern and social gathering spot in the world of Threshold. It is located on Via Vendeur in the City of Sable, and is frequented by a wide variety of adventurers who come to rest and recover from their adventures, socialize, conduct business, purchase food, and drink Green Griffon Ale.

The owner of the Green Griffon is Emirikol. Emirikol is a retired adventurer whose past history is somewhat murky, but who seems to have been a powerful spellcaster of some kind. He has been assisted since day one by the barwench, Gilandra, though if you ask some adventurers they could have sworn that at one point, a woman named Bridgit was serving them ale... probably had too much to drink.

One of the main attractions of the GG, as it is called by the regulars, is the food. Some of the main menu items include the King's Banquet, the basilisk sirloin, and the Soldier's Breakfast. Adventurers use these to help themselves recover from injuries sustained in battle.

In addition, the Griffon also serves beverages including whiskey and the eponymous Green Griffon ale, and even milk for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks.




Name Cost (Slag) Healing (HP/SP/EP)
flank steak 100 20/20/20
bundle of dried fruits 200 40/40/40
basilisk sirloin 250 50/50/50
King's Banquet 500 100/100/100
Soldier's Breakfast (Meal) 600 150/150/150


The GG's main draw is Emirikol's Green Griffon Ale, though milk is also available (which regenerates 20 EP per cup). If an adventurer is looking for something on the lighter side, there is rich cider for purchase, or shots of whiskey if you need a quick fix.

Alcohol Cost (Slag)
Tankard of Green Griffon Ale 10
glass of rich cider 15
shot of whiskey 5