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Gilandra is the serving wench in the Green Griffon Tavern in Sable. She is a middle aged, harsh looking woman with a stocky build who frequently grumbles about the messes left by "slovenly adventurers".

Gilandra's existence is one of the quirks of the world of Threshold after shifts in the multiverse switched it to an alternate universe.

In the previous universe, Gilandra was long dead and had been replaced by another serving wench, Bridgit. In those days, if asked about Gilandra, Emirikol (the Green Griffon's owner), would say:

"Gilandra was a sweet, loyal, hard working woman who rarely spilled a drop of ale, and when she did it was usually just to cool off a boisterous patron! I hope the foul murderous wretch and his or her accomplices who drove her to suicide are found soon. There is some space over the bar where their preserved heads will make for wonderful new decorations!"

In the current universe, Bridgit was never hired. In fact, if asked about her, Emirikol reples, "Who? Sorry, I have no idea who you're asking about."