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Jumpin' Jehosephat's Java Junction

Jumpin' Jehosephat's Java Junction, alternately known as the J4, is a coffee house in Thrace. It's a gathering place similar to the Green Griffon Tavern where everyone is welcome. One notable difference from the Green Griffon is that the J4 permits its clientele to keep their weapons in hand, though Jehosephat does demand a certain level of civility in his establishment. Jolly Jingles. There is a board of framed apologies above the bar for anyone to read.


Jumpin' Joe


Name Cost (Slag) Healing (HP/SP/EP)
Fresh Scones 50 10/10/10
Crisp Biscotti 150 30/30/30
Portabello Sandwich 250 50/50/50
Jehosephat's Picnic (Meal) 600 150/150/150


The J4's main draw is coffee rather than alcohol, though milk is also available (which regenerates 20 EP per cup). There is also a bar that permits patrons to add chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and cream to one's coffee.

Coffee Cost (Slag)
Dark Roast 20
Amaretto 20
Thracian Roast 20

Jolly Jingles

Jolly Jingles was a gnome who for, quite some time, replaced Jumpin' Joe as the barista in the J4. During a strange space-time shift, she has somehow disappeared and Jumpin' Joe replaced her. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Joe does not recall any such person being in his place.