Jolly Jingles

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Jolly Jingles was a gnomish barista who once, in a different timeline, served as the barista at the J4. The story is that Jumpin' Joe had become fed up with the violence and the uncouth masses that he decided to take a vacation that really appeared to be more of a retirement. As it stands, nobody knows Jolly's present whereabouts and Joe is unconcerned and completely adamant that no such person ever served in his coffee house.


Jolly Jingles, the gnomish barista 

   This blond gnome possesses a sweet, smiling face and braided blond hair.
Her blue eyes twinkle merrily, and her rosebud lips tilt upwards at the 
corners. Tiny laugh lines at the corner of her eyes indicate that she is
not young, but they add friendliness to her fine, beautiful features.

   She wears a frilly white apron over black leather pants and a simple,
white cotton shirt. Her black, leather shoes appear comfortable and 
practical for someone who spends all day on her feet.

She is a female gnome, 4'2" tall, weighing 87 pounds.
She has bright, twinkling blue eyes.
She has braided blond hair.
She is in Perfect Condition.