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Eastvine is a residential neighborhood in Thrace City. Built in the the year 358, it is named to commemorate the defeat of an unnatural host of squugs and vines that nearly ripped the city to pieces.

The neighborhood is located past what was once the East Gate of the city and features several streets named for deities whose temples are located on the island, chiefly Fireforge Lane for Belphegore, and Pineapple Lane for Herastia.

Ellamere Park

At the center of the neighborhood is the eponymous Ellamere Park, a tribute to the incredibly popular mayor of the time.

The park contains

  • A statue of the late Empress Misma
  • The Tacklebox, a place to purchase fishing gear such as fishing rods, bait, and other tackle
  • The Tea Room, a place to buy beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Two ponds from which to fish
  • A fire pit that may be lit for rousing outdoor parties