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Tenets Death and the Underworld
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal raven
Plant weeping willow
Food mushroom

Food Mushroom Melt Panini
Drink Lemon Iced Tea

Acceptable Axes

Without surprise, the religion of Mortis is solemn and somber, for the Silent One presides over an aspect of reality that is dreaded by nearly all mortal beings. Mortis was once a sad and lonely deity, for no one, not mortal nor immortal, chose to dwell in his realm for very long. His long time obsession, Vivoria, the former goddess of Life and Healing, gave up her position in the Aether to better serve the mortal sparks that often venture into his realm. There she resides with Mortis in his realm of afterlife also known as [text smudged]. With her addition to the underworld, Mortis' pain from the disappearance of his long time associate, Chronos, is lessened.

Erosia celebrates for Mortis, since his pure love has finally been realized. His relief from his previous suffering delights even Bast, who believes that her advice is how he finally convinced Vivoria to join him in his dark realm. Many former followers of the now demi-goddess, Vivoria, believe that she entered the underworld, not out of love for Mortis, but out of love for the mortal realm. Her sacrifice ensures that all mortals have a chance at rebirth.

Tempest visits Mortis often, though not for very long. He comes to retrieve the souls of brave and valiant warriors to return them to battle or to carry them aloft to the Grand Eternal Battlefield of the Aether. Mortis envies Tempest enormously because all the other deities respect him and seek his friendship and alliance. For this reason, Mortis tends to be surprisingly liberal and generous regarding Tempest's requests. Belphegore also rarely visits, though his visits are often memorable to a god who resides in Twilight. Mortis envies Belphegore's vibrant personality and ability to command those who follow him. Though Mortis has won Vivoria's heart (at least in his mind), his years of solitary living and loneliness still make him susceptible to envy and dourness.

Mortis, Set, and Gethsemane occasionally work together in the crafting of undead beasts. Mortis is most definitely the expert in this, and Set and Gethsemane are merely participating to corrupt his works. Mortis is always angered by the way they twist and abuse his creations, but for years, he has craved divine companionship. Even with Vivoria by his side, he still longs for the approval of the other deities.

Clerics of Mortis are always teaching that death should not be feared or reviled. The Silent One embraces them in the Underworld, where they will no longer feel pain, discomfort, or the burdens of tiresome mortality. Mortis' clerics are surprisingly gregarious and extremely interested in discussing religious doctrines. They seek companionship with almost anyone since they are used to being outcast and trod upon by society because nobody supports their belief in the grandeur of death. Mortis seeks clerics with a wide variety of personalities since he is accepting of most. Though his followers worship death, they do not seek it nor do they seek to produce it without reason. They wish to spread the word that death is not evil, but rather it is a natural and wonderful transition from the mortal realm to a much happier world.