Lemon Iced Tea

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Lemon Iced Tea is the drink item from the refectory of the church of Mortis. It is served in a custom willow bark cup fashioned from the traditional plant of the faith - the willow tree.

Description - Golden brown, this tea combines the lively taste of bright, brisk black tea with the sweet tang of lemons. Served in a tall cup carved from willow bark, the tea is enhanced with skull-shaped ice cubes and garnished with lemon slices. A drink to quench the thirst during the last moments before being claimed by Mortis.

Smell description - Fresh brewed tea, cooled for refreshment. The freshness of lemon dances across the surface and a hint of earthiness underlays the other aromas.

Taste description - The rich flavor of the brewed black tea is sweetened by a burst of lemon tang on the tongue. The willow bark carved cup adds earthiness as an underlying note of flavor.

Drink description - The cool refreshment of iced tea enhanced with a fresh lemon tang slakes the thirst of any adventurer dying for a drink. Blessing from Mortis fill you, welcoming you to your final rest in his domain.