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Tenets Love, Fertility, and Protection
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal wolf
Plant rose
Food peanut

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Erosia is a much respected and worshipped goddess, who is often beseeched by mortals who are not primarily devoted to her. Those seeking love, enhanced fertility, or special protection often call upon the goddess for her divine blessings.

Erosia is the goddess of pure, true, and limitless love, though it would be a foolhardy person indeed who did not believe that the goddess is capable of deep anger and even hatred. Her greatest pleasure (at least one of them) is bringing lovers destined for each other together. She is always watching over the mortal realms, seeking to unify lost souls and lessen the barriers and hardships that stand between them. For Erosia, the purest and greatest achievement possible by mortals is to feel and give love to each other. In these acts, she believes mortals truly approach godliness. Thus, her anger at mortals who abuse what she considers the gift of love.

To further secure the bond of love between mortals, Erosia assists couples in the consummation of their unity. Her blessings are often found in homes where partners enjoy a successful love life and, when the time comes, in having children. It is said that with a single touch, she can make any woman ripe for guaranteed pregnancy. This blessing has saved the life of many a nobleman's wife. She is also known for guiding unwanted children to the right doorsteps.

Erosia is also beloved on the battlefields where is well known for granting protection to great warriors. She fears for the men, women, and families that await the warriors' families, wives, and husbands back home. It is their love for the warrior that moves Erosia to grant her holy protection. Thus, the more love that is felt for an individual, the more likely Erosia is to grant blessings of protection.

Within the divine arena of the Aether, Erosia is hotly despised by the goddess, Bast. Bast is disgusted by what she feels is Erosia's warping and dilution of the true and pure emotion of lust with the illusion of love. Erosia pities Bast and hopes that some day the dark goddess can find a love of her own, thereby melting her evil heart. Erosia silently and secretly seeks such a god or mortal to please and appease the hard-hearted Bast.

The goddess, Erosia, is involved in a strange and vital relationship with two other members of the Aether. Her love and union for Tempest was witnessed by mortals across Threshold, and thus, her torrid affair with Silvanus was discontinued. For love of the land, however, they created a bloodletting ceremony that allowed them to mingle their combined forces and release a force that allows mortals to create and shape nature for their own needs. Some believe that this union pales in comparison to the previous ones, citing bad crops and droughts as proof. Others believe that her union with Tempest has only strengthened her union with Silvanus.