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Tenets War, Storms, and Thunder
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal peregrine falcon
Plant reed
Food tomato

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Even among the gods, Tempest is an imposing figure. In all of his forms he exudes incredible power, and when he speaks, his voice booms like thunder.

Tempest's greatest love is war. He is always practicing, perfecting, and developing new skills, tactics, and strategies. He often rewards mortals who develop new ideas about war that he has not discovered himself. He also rewards mortals who display incredible courage, skill, or brilliance in war — as this pleases him greatly.

For Tempest, war is the most accurate and perfect measure of the quality of a living being. War requires intelligence, ingenuity, courage, physical prowess, and perseverance. No other endeavor is so universally demanding or so incredibly vital to the balance of power. It is important to note that skill in making war is about much more than just killing. Intellectual and psychological aspects are equally, if not more, important to skilled warfare as the physical elements. Finally, Tempest is not a lover of death. Death is a sad but necessary consequence of war, and those who wage war properly do not create unnecessary death or destruction.

Another of Tempest's great loves is storms- particularly thunderstorms. In this respect, Tempest works with his close friend Silvanus to create incredible and shocking displays of weather. The two gods often compete with each other over who can dream up the most outstanding and spectacular storms. Generally, such contests are much to the dismay and inconvenience of mortals (usually, in direct proportion to how much fun the storms are for Silvanus and Tempest).

Historically, Bast and Erosia have both been extremely intrigued by Tempest. They often competed for his attentions because they both felt that he should direct his potent energies to activities less destructive than his endless bellicose pursuits. Though Erosia currently holds his affections, his drive for conquest and battles remain strong. It is unclear if Bast still plots to win his affections or if she has turned to other matters.

Vishnu and Set are also in frequent competition for an alliance with Tempest. Mainly, they feel that Tempest's incredible understanding of war would assist them should battles between old foes arise. Tempest often consults with Belphegore, who was one of his former generals, on matters regarding armies, battles, and wars.

Followers of Tempest exult in honing their skills in waging war. These include their personal hand to hand combat abilities, leadership skills, knowledge of strategy and tactics, and proficiencies with weapons and armor of very diverse varieties. They respect combat and do not engage in it frivolously. They respect life and never seek to cause more death or destruction than is necessary to achieve political or military goals. They also tend to be very loyal as loyalty is crucial to any military war machine. Further, they demand incredible loyalty from their own minions and followers. Followers of Tempest have been known to be incredibly zealous in all matters involving religion and war.